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Study Looks Into the Matter of Women and Casual Sex

Casual sex has been seen as a male activity for some time, but a poll from TresSugar and SELF Magazine show that many women enjoy the occasional anonymous hook-up. The report analyzed the responses of 2,000 unattached women between the ages of 18 and 63, and found that 82 percent of them have engaged in casual sex.

The survey defined casual sex as any roll in the hay that took place between two or more individuals who were not in a committed relationship. They did not include make out sessions, oral sex or other non-penetrative sex acts in their study.

Study looks into the matter of women and casual sexThe majority of respondents, 39 percent, had only had one or two partners with whom they had practiced casual sex. Around one quarter of single women had had around five partners outside of a relationship. While only 5 percent had had 20 or more partners in casual sex, 12 percent had as many as ten.

The survey also provided some statistics on risky sexual behavior, such as having sex after drinking. The responses were divided among age groups. Ladies between the ages of 18 and 29 were most likely to booze before bed, with 60 percent having done so. Older women were less likely – 47 percent of those aged 30 to 39 and 28 percent of respondents over 40 had imbibed before knocking boots.

Statistics on condom usage were somewhat alarming. While 57 percent of respondents said they use a condom every time they have sex, more than a quarter said they only protect themselves most of the time. Around 18 percent of women said they rarely use a condom, which means that a significant population of women who responded to the survey are putting themselves or their partners at risk of developing sexually transmitted infections.

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