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Study Examines the Relationship between Responsibility Level and Sex

When people get busier, they tend to have less time for other activities. According to a study published in the Journal of Sex Research, the increased amount of responsibility women get could lead to decreased time spent in the bedroom. Researchers examined women in Sub-Saharan Africa and found that those who are able to make decisions on the behalf of their families tended to have sex less often. The study’s authors observed married women’s position in their homes and compared it to the amount of time since the last time they had sex.

Study examines the relationship between responsibility level and sexThe study was compiled with the help of representative data from the Demographic and Health Surveys in Ghana, Malawi, Mali, Rwanda, Uganda and Zimbabwe. The survey included the specific date of the last time the research participants had sex, as well as the kinds of decisions they were allowed to make regarding their household. This included large purchases, things that need to be bought on a daily basis and whether or not they were allowed to visit friends and family alone.

“A very consistent pattern was observed across all six countries we surveyed – as the number of decisions in which a women had the final say increased, the mean and median time since most recent sex also increased by three- to 100-fold,” said Dr. Michelle Hindin, lead author of the study and an associate professor at the Bloomberg School’s Department of Population, Family and Reproductive Health. “The more decisions a woman reported making on her own, as compared to joint decision making, the less likely she was to have sex and the longer it was since she last had sexual intercourse.”

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