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Study Examines the Relationship between Hooking up and Dating

College hookups seem to be a rite of passage on today’s campuses, so now researchers looked into how it plays into the dating world. According to The Abstract, a publication for North Carolina State University, researchers at the school conducted a study to determine how hooking up turns into a relationship.

Study examines the relationship between hooking up and datingThe study’s authors said that of the 273 college students they observed, a number of instances came up that challenged the previously held notions between different genders and their sexual behavior. The participants were given a number of scenarios in order to determine their mindset. The scenario includes a man and a woman meet for the first time at a party and hookup afterward. The same two people go on a date a week after they hookup, but the date only ends in a kiss and no sex. However, in one instance the man asks the girl out, and in the other, it’s the woman who takes charge.

Approximately half the students responded that if the kiss occurred on a date that the man asked the woman out on, she was only doing so to be viewed as respectable. However, if the woman asked out the man and it ended in a kiss, it’s because the man only felt obliged.

“Students often brought attention to the fact that the woman asked the man out on the date to explain why he acted as he did,” said study co-author Sinikka Elliott, an assistant professor of sociology at NC State. “Students explained that if the man had been interested in her, he would have asked her out.”

Another interesting finding in the study is that women are just as likely to have a desire to hookup as men are to want a relationship that’s more than just sex.

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