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Study Comparing Depth of Male Voices and Sperm Count Surprises Researchers

A study published in PLoS One yielded some surprising results. Researchers were interested to see if there could be a correlation between a man’s sperm count and the depth of his voice, as masculine traits such as lower vocal tones often correlate to genetic prowess – but the results showed no such correlation.

To understand the study, one must have an understanding of basic evolutionary theory, namely survival of the fittest. Physical traits often determine what will be attractive to potential partners, and typically, in monogamous heterosexual relationships, more masculine traits are more stimulating to women, particularly when they are ovulating.

Study comparing depth of male voices and sperm count surprises researchersThis has been proven in previous studies, according to the researchers, to indicate that women prefer bigger, hairier men. This trend is also prevalent in the animal kingdom. Male members of certain species often have large, dramatic characteristics, such as the tail feathers of the peacock, in order to prove their masculinity and draw more mates.

To test the theory between voice depth, a typically masculine trait, and semen quality, researchers had a group of young men record their voice. Afterward, they each gave a sample of their semen. Their voices were then played for a group of women who rated the male voices depending on how attractive they found them. Scientists also conducted sperm counts on the samples collected.

As expected, the women on average described the deeper male voices as more attractive. However, there appeared to be no correlation between “men’s sperm motility parameters and voice pitch, rated voice attractiveness, or rated voice masculinity,” the researchers wrote.

No matter how deep your voice is, sperm quality doesn’t always determine whether or not you will get your partner pregnant. It’s always best to err on the side of safety and wear condoms, not only to prevent unwanted pregnancy, but also as a form of STD prevention.

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