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Small, Large, Round or Pointy? All Breasts Are the Best

Your breasts hold more power than you may realize, as they can make your man weak in the knees, so it’s no surprise that boobs are used in advertisements everywhere to help sell products. Yet, these ads send a message that the ideal breasts are large, round and pushed together to create a cleavage line. Very few women have chests that match that standard, but certain aspects of the appearance of breasts can still be troubling for some ladies.

Does size matter?
The size of your breasts depends mainly on your genetics. Some women have breasts that barely stand out off their chests while others are carrying around a pair the size of beach balls, and breasts come in every size in between. If you feel like your own set of sweater puppies is at all inadequate, keep in mind that with so many different sizes there is no “normal.” Many different women have varying ideas of what the ideal size should be, but the truth is that men love breasts no matter how big they are, so stop worrying and start enjoying what you’ve got.

How about shape?
Breasts can be round or conical, perky or saggy, and there’s not much you can do to change this aside from getting plastic surgery. If you’re not interested in going under the knife, you can wear pushup bras or those that hold their shape to enhance the appearance of your chest. Your man will love them no matter what shape they are, and the way your breasts look does not factor into how good it will feel when your lover massages them. Have him use some Lifestyles Warm Lovin’ Personal Lubricant to really get the blood flowing and you’ll forget all about their appearance.Small, Large, Round or Pointy All Breasts Are the Best

What if my breasts are uneven?
People have imperfections – this is a fact that cannot be changed – and sometimes this means their body parts may not be symmetrical. It might not be too noticeable if one ear sits lower on your head than the other, but you may be more bothered if one of your breasts is larger than the other. Most women do not naturally have a set of boobs that are exactly the same size, and in most cases the difference between each is negligible. However, sometimes one woman’s breast size can vary by as much as a cup size or two. There are ways to make this less apparent, such as by putting additional padding in your bra. There are many options, including silicone and fabric padding, so you don’t have to revert to the old trick of stuffing tissues down your bra.

Are my nipples abnormal?
Just as breasts come in all shapes and sizes, the same can be said for nipples. Some nipples protrude a great deal while others are small and barely noticeable. They can be light or dark with small or large areolas. You might even notice that yours point in different directions, but the appearance of your nipples doesn’t affect their function or sensitivity when your man is “tuning the dials.”

Whether you love it when your man pays attention to your breasts or stimulation north of the equator doesn’t quite do it for you, you don’t ever need to worry about how your breasts look. Your man will adore them whether they sag a bit or your nipples stand out or anything in between. Just make sure neither of you gets so distracted during foreplay that you forget about using condoms when the party does move south.

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