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Shed a Few Pounds, Gain Sexual Function

A study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine explains that by losing weight, men can recover libido and improve their erectile function. The participants in the research were diabetic as well, but it seems to follow that any drop in pounds could help with sexual health.

The study’s subjects were put on low-calorie meals or a low-fat, high-protein diet that cut out carbs. Overall, the meals cut down calorie intake by around 600 calories. A rather modest amount of weight loss – around 5 percent – was shown to improve urinary and sexual problems over the course of eight weeks.

Shed a few pounds, gain sexual function“This important paper supports earlier publications that lifestyle is relevant and can positively affect sexual function,” wrote Irwin Goldstein, the editor-in-chief of the Journal of Sexual Medicine, according to Medical News Today. “At a time when oral drugs are very popular, it can now be shown that weight loss is an important non-pharmacologic therapeutic intervention in restoring erectile and urinary function and cardio-vascular health. Obesity is an epidemic, and such data reinforce the positive relationship between eating right, losing weight, improved sexual function and voiding and overall cardiovascular health.”

This correlates with a Danish study that recently showed leading an unhealthy lifestyle can have an enormous impact on sexual activity. Participants in the research who had a larger waist circumference were found to be 71 percent more likely to experience problems in the bedroom, according to

Previously, researchers have found that losing weight can reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction as well.

No matter how often you do it, it’s important to remember to use a condom each and every time you have sex. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention state that condoms can significantly reduce the risk of common STDs and pregnancy.

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