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Sexist Men and Women May Be More Likely to Hook up with Each Other

They say some women have a certain type when looking for someone of the opposite sex. Well, we found a study suggesting that sexist men and women may have more in common than their attitudes. In anissue of the journal Sex Roles, men who have a penchant for one night stands and have sexist views are more likely to go after women they’re interested in with an aggressive attitude that includes isolation and teasing.

Sexist men and women may be more likely to hook up with each otherWomen who have sexist views toward other women and also have a preference for hookups are more likely to respond favorably to the aggressive pursuit of men, indicating that they may be in fact made for each other.

The study examined 363 college students from a Midwestern university and another group of 850 volunteers they found online. The researchers asked all participants about their sexist attitudes of women and whether or not they were more interested in a fling.

“Our results suggest that assertive courtship strategies are a form of mutual identification of similarly sexist attitudes shared between courtship partners,” wrote authors Jeffrey Hall and Melanie Canterberry. “Women who adopt sexist attitudes are more likely to prefer men who adopt similar attitudes. Not only do sexist men and women prefer partners who are like them, they prefer courtship strategies where men are the aggressors and women are the gatekeepers.”

Of course, it is crucial to use protection such as a condom whenever engaging in a fling to prevent against unwanted pregnancies or sexually transmitted diseases.

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