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Your sex life has all the right stuff. But have you ever been curious about what other people are doing to keep things fun and exciting? Get the details on everything from sexting to how often people are getting it on—and everything in between.

Saturday Nights and Mornings Are Best for Sex

Sometimes work gets so crazy that you come home at the end of the day too tired to even think about sex, let alone have the energy to get it on. Don’t fret, because a survey conducted by Women’s Health magazine found most women’s libidos tend to be relatively dormant during the workweek, according to The Telegraph. However, once the weekend arrives, get ready to have some fun. Saturday evening around about 11 p.m. is when most women claim to feel the most aroused and ready to knock boots.

The study cites busy work schedules and a lack of free time as the reason most women feel most amorous on a Saturday night, according to The Daily Mail. However, it could also have a lot to do with the fact that the weekend is a chance to unwind and separate yourself from your job and day-to-day life. Plus, many ladies enjoy going out and maybe having a few drinks, which can definitely influence one’s libido.

Whether you’re going out with your guy or heading to the club with a fling in mind, be sure to toss a few condoms in your purse before you head out the door on a Saturday night. This way you don’t have to worry about your man forgetting condoms and you can choose something that will satisfy you, such as the LifeStyles THRYLL® Condoms, which are covered in raised rubber studs to enhance the woman’s pleasure.

If your job is slowing down your sex life, you might be perfectly content to leave your Saturday nights open for intimacy. Yet, if job stress is negatively affecting your libido, some weeknight nookie could be just what you need to unwind. Sex has been proven to improve mental health as the act releases endorphins in the brain and makes you feel better about yourself. You can set aside some time for you and your man to go at it on a weeknight, which can break up the workweek.Saturday nights and mornings are best for sex

You may also want to consider setting your alarm clock a bit earlier than usual before you go to sleep on Wednesday night. Last year, a separate survey by the London School of Economics found Thursday mornings are when both men and women’s hormonal levels are at their peaks. In fact, estrogen and testosterone levels are about five times higher in the morning than at any other time of day, according to The Daily Mail.

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