Dating and Relationships

Ahhh, dating. The land of the free and home of the brave. Whether you’re thinking of taking the proverbial next step or just trying to figure out who and what you like, you’ll find advice for singles, couples, and everyone in between.

Returning to the Single Life

The classic song doesn’t lie – breaking up really is hard to do. Even after the arguments and tears have stopped, heartache may persist. One problem many newly-single people face is stepping back into the dating world. After a long time being with just one person, it can be difficult to make wise choices when looking for new love.

Returning to the single lifeIt may be tempting to go out and have sex with the first person you can find, but it’s best to take things slow. Sometimes it seems like a good roll in the hay can heal the wounds, but more often than not this is a temporary fix. The only thing that could make a breakup worse is contracting an STD because you didn’t wear a lubricated condom when hooking up with a random stranger.

In the days and weeks after a breakup, take care of yourself. Exercising regularly and eating well will not only improve your mood, but give an extra boost of confidence once you are prepared to start dating again. Clean up your room as well, and while you’re at it, get rid of anything that reminds you too much of your ex. You don’t have to throw it all away, but tucking it in a box and placing it somewhere out of sight will definitely help you move on.

Staying away from technology, at least for a little while, can also be a smart move. Logging on to Facebook to keep tabs on your ex’s profile or constantly checking your phone for text messages can only lead to more heartache. Instead, pick up a good book and use it to clear your head. Just avoid romance novels.

When you are finally prepared to date someone else, and things start steaming up, you should be open to trying new things. Having the same old sex that you used to have with your ex could be dangerous – you don’t want to latch on to bygone bedroom behavior. Instead, pick up a new vibrating device, such as the LifeStyles® Vibrating Ring, and see if the toy can help you focus on the person in your bed.

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