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Report: Some Penis Enlargers Actually Do Work

A study published in the Journal of British Association of Urological Surgeons may come as a surprise to some men whose email in-boxes are full of spam touting phony “male enhancement” services. Researchers from the University of Turin (UT) found that some penis enlargers actually provide some tangible results.

While there has been extensive research on surgical procedures to lengthen one’s member (which often carries complications), there has been little analysis of so-called penis pumps and other non-invasive methods of enlarging the penis. The researchers from UT created a review of some devices that proved popular, and found that they had succeeded in extending penis length at least slightly.Report some penis enlargers actually do work

Researchers Marco Oderda and Paolo Gontero reviewed several studies on devices such as vacuums, penoscrotal rings and even penile exercises. One study outlined in their report found that a stretching device increased some men’s penis length by 1.8 centimeters. Another device was able to elongate a flaccid penis for three months.

Additionally, the penile extending devices outlined in the reports carry a low risk of complications and most patients find them to be generally tolerable.

Demand for such devices may be on the rise due to the fact that more and more men have misperceptions about the average or “normal” penile length. This may be due in part to pornography, which typically features men with bigger-than-average tools.

“The idea that the penis is the most important part of your body underlies so many of men’s sexual problems,” Cory Silverberg, a safer sex education professional, told WebMD. “One of the biggest sex myths for men is the notion that we are our penises, and that’s all that counts in terms of sex.”

Being comfortable with the size of your penis may play a part in safe sex. When it comes time to buy condoms, knowing the length and girth of your penis will help choose the right size contraceptive.

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