Condom Facts

Wearing a condom doesn’t mean you’re throwing excitement out the window. There are tons of styles, sizes, and stats that prove condoms allow you to get wrapped up in fun.

Report: Adults Less Savvy Than Teens When It Comes to Condoms

A report published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine revealed some shocking statistics about condom use in America. According to Women’s Health, the study found that sexually active teenagers use condoms more often than adults between the ages of 25 to 35.

While female teens involved in the study reported using condoms around 60 percent of the time they engaged in sex, women in the older age group said they only use protection 24Report Adults less savvy than teens when it comes to condoms percent of the time. Experts say that condoms are one of the most effective forms of pregnancy prevention, and they can help stop the spread of sexually transmitted infections (STI).

“You need to have zero tolerance for anyone who is unwilling to use a condom,” urologist Jennifer Berman told the news source. She added that around one in five adults have an STI, and that instances of some infections such as gonorrhea are increasing.

Some may wonder why adults are less prone to condom use. Michal Reece, one of the authors of the study, hypothesizes that adults are more likely to be in committed, monogamous relationships, and therefore are more comfortable forgoing protection in the bedroom.

When choosing a condom, it’s best to research the size and type of protection before making a final decision.

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