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Red Wine Linked to Higher Sexual Desire in Women

A study performed in Italy that recorded data from 800 women aged 18 to 50 revealed that the compounds that are present in red wine may actually enhance levels of sexual desire in women more so than the chemicals found in other alcoholic beverages. The findings were published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine.

Researchers commented that, while no one should leap to conclusions about wine’s effect on the body, the data may be evidence that regularly drinking the beverage may be a key to better “sexuality.” They speculate that the compounds in red wine increase the blood flow of specific areas, which could lead to the increased level of desire.

ThinkstockPhotos-166195314Perhaps most interestingly, the women most likely to drink red wine were mostly older – and had higher yearnings than their younger counterparts if they partook in a glass or two every now and then. The limit was two glasses a day. Anything more disqualified participants from the study to control for drunken behavior.

Overall, red wine drinkers scored an average of 27.3 points out of 36 on a questionnaire related to sexuality. People who drank less or favored another type of alcohol scored 25.9 and participants who remained abstinent scored 24.4.

Researchers touted the study as the first of its kind to examine the relationship of wine intake and the female sex drive.

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