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Pros and Cons of Knocking Boots with a Roommate

If you happen to share an apartment or house with someone you find yourself attracted to, you have probably entertained the idea of seducing him or her. Yet, this is extremely dangerous territory and one false step could land you in a heap of trouble. The safest route is to ignore your desires and find someone else to shack up with to keep the peace at home, but if you absolutely cannot resist the urge to bone the guy or gal you share a home with, weigh the pros and cons first.

PRO: No Travel Required
When you’re living with your friend-with-benefits, you have the advantage of only having to walk a few feet to knock on his or her bedroom door, which makes it really easy to get it on when the mood strikes. You don’t have to worry about putting gas in your car, finding parking at his or her place, making sure you have enough money for a cab, or leaving in time to catch the last train home. Plus, you can keep all your pleasure condoms wherever you want instead of furtively stashing them out of politeness.

CON: Things Can Get Awkward
While it might seem awesome to have a booty call living just down the hall (hello coed dorms!), this can also work to your disadvantage. He or she is going to see you at your worst, whether you are dealing with a bad hangover or the stomach bug that’s been going around the office finally caught up with you. Few things are less sexy than puking in front of your hook-up. While this is something couples who live together have to deal with all the time, people who are keeping things casual generally get to avoid that aspect – but not if you’re doing your roommate.

PRO: It Will Be Convenient If Things Get Serious
Sometimes a hook-up can blossom into a relationship. If you’ve been harboring romantic feelings for your roommate for some time and find out he or she feels the same, you may find yourselves in a serious relationship. Since you already live together, you don’t have to worry about whether you’ll be compatible in the long-run, at least as far as sharing a space. Plus, you already have separate bedrooms, so you’ll be able to have your own space while the relationship is still new.

CON: It Will Be Awful If Things Fall Apart
While it might be nice that your feeling with your roommate will turn into true love, it’s realistically more likely that this trust won’t last forever. When it does come to an end, you may find that living together is uncomfortable or downright unbearable, especially if you have unrequited feelings for your roomie. If you’re tied up in a lease, the two of you will be stuck together for some time until one of you can make arrangements to move out. This can get especially awkward if either of you is trying to date during this time.

It’s always ideal to weigh your options before you jump in to a situation like this, especially if one or both of you wants to keep things very casual. If you decide to give it a shot, make sure you protect your sexual health by using condoms every time you shack up with your housemate. This way you won’t have to worry about an STD if he or she is seeing other people too.

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