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Prepping for College with the Right Gear

Students across the country may feel like they just got out of school, but the reality is that it’s almost July. That leaves two months to start thinking about college and, whether young adults are starting out or heading back for another semester, they may want to start planning ahead.

The Eastern Echo recently shared some pertinent tips for students who are college-bound in the fall and the first on the list is to “stock up on safer sex tools.” That means investing in condoms, because those who are planning to go out on weekends and participate in the hook-up scene will definitely need them.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention state that condoms can be an effective way to combat the spread of common STDs, so think of condoms as an armor of sorts.Prepping for College with the Right Gear

While students might be embarrassed to get condoms while they’re picking up some toothpaste, there are still options. Either find a store with automated cashier machine, which are popular in CVS, or just order condoms online.

Students concerned about sexual health issues may also want to visit a doctor and get tested for STDs. It can help to know that you’re clean before you start sleeping around, and your partners will appreciate it, too.

Not only that, students may want to consider taking the time to look into how best to practice safer sex. Those middle school health classes only go so far and it’s probably been years since most have even thought about that kind of thing.

The fact of the matter is that, when so many students are exploring their sexuality during college, there’s a much higher risk for STDs. So it’s wise to get protected and tested before going to campus in September.

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