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People Who Are Easily Embarrassed May Fare Better in the Dating World

If you’re someone who is easily embarrassed, you may actually find that this trait works to your advantage in the dating scene. According to researchers from the University of California, Berkeley, people who are easily embarrassed are more trustworthy and generous. While these are both fine attributes, the study goes further to suggest these people are more likely to be monogamous.

In observing levels of embarrassment, researchers said that it should not be confused with the look of shame. People who were embarrassed typically cover part of their face while either smirking or wincing at their embarrassment while looking down. When people are feeling a sense of shame, they cover their whole face.

People who are easily embarrassed may fare better in the dating worldThe study’s authors first looked at 60 college students who were videotaped during embarrassing moments, such as mistaking an overweight woman for being pregnant or an unclean individual for being homeless. The researchers then coded the subjects based on the level of embarrassment they displayed while making these mistakes. The students then took part in a “dictator game”, where all participants had raffle tickets and were told to give some away as well as keep some. Those that gave more away also demonstrated higher levels of embarrassment.

Additionally, the researchers recruited 38 Americans through Craigslist and gave them a survey asking how often they feel embarrassed. They also used the dictator game like they did with the college students.

The study’s authors concluded that more people may find that those who are more embarrassed are generally better to be around, which could help them in the dating pool. However, those who find themselves with frequent propositions should be sure to practice safe sex to protect themselves from sexually transmitted diseases.

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