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Let’s face it - we’re all on a quest to have better sex. But a lot of us don’t really know how to get there. Discover everything you need when it comes to finding that elusive spot, getting better at foreplay, and mixing it up with role-playing.

Overcoming “Condom Kryptonite”

You know the benefits of using a condom, and you’ve discussed using protection with your partner. But now that you’re in the bedroom and you’ve slipped on the rubber, the unthinkable happens – you lose your hard on. “Condom kryptonite” can be embarrassing, but it’s not an insurmountable problem. Here are some tips on how to overcome this humbling experience.

First, it’s important to find the right kind of condom for you. There are many varieties and styles available, from flavored condoms to the ultra sensitive, like LifeStyles® SKYN™ Condoms. You may want to try out a few varieties and keep track of the results. Once you find your right style, you’ll likely get your groove back.

Finding the right fit is also important. If a condom is too tight, your body may be unable to send enough blood to your member to keep it up and running. Don’t be ashamed – there’s nothing wrong with selecting the larger sizes when shopping for protection.Overcoming condom kryptonite

If you have the right style and fit, then you may be suffering from a bit of performance anxiety. Having a partner in the room who is urging you to get it on and get it up can only make matters worse, so you may want to consider practicing with a condom when you’re having your alone time. Simply slip the condom on the next time you’re at home and then use personal lubricant to help yourself get hard and ejaculate. Once you do this a few times you’ll likely find it easier to maintain an erection when it comes time to knock boots with your boo.

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