Talking About Sex

Sex is a natural and healthy part of life, but it’s not always the easiest topic to discuss. Whether you’re talking with kids or friends, it’s important to keep the conversation open.

New Poll Shows What’s Missing in the Parental Sex Talk

The sex talk can be an awkward experience for any parent. However, some people want to make sure that their children are prepared with all of the information they need in order to sustain a healthy sex life. Results of a poll suggest that although parents are having the sex talk with their kids, they’re leaving out important information, such as birth control options.New poll shows what's missing in the parental sex talk

Jezebel reported that a survey conducted by Planned Parenthood and the Center for Latino and Adolescent Family Health (CLAFH) revealed that while 94 percent of parents believe that they’re an influence in their kid’s birth control decisions, only 60 percent have actually talked to them about the options. Additionally, while 92 percent of respondents said that they talked to their kids about relationships, only 74 percent taught their children how to say no to sexual advances.

The news provider stated that this study indicated that while parents are growing more comfortable with the topic of sex, including advocating for safe sex practices to be included in the school system, they still have a hard time tackling a number of issues that come with the topic, particularly if they are uncomfortable.

Sexual health experts took this poll as a sign that parents, particularly in the Latino community which this study was based on, need to play a more active role in the sexual education of their children to ensure they make the right choices.

“These findings show that, more than ever, Latino families need to start talking about these more difficult issues,” Vincent Guilamo-Ramos, CLAFH director, told the Huffington Post. “Effective communication begins at home.”

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