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Moving on after You and Your Man Break up

It may be nice to think your relationship will last forever, but unfortunately this is not always the case. Whether you thought your man was the one or you knew things were coming to a close, the end of a relationship can be painful and difficult to get through. No matter who dumped whom, you’re likely to hurt for a while.

Get rid of all the stuff

It’s easy to accumulate tokens of affection and other items when you’re dating someone, but when you break it off, these things can be painful to look at. You don’t necessarily have to throw away every single item you associate with your man – especially if it includes expensive jewelry. When you’re in the early stages of post-breakup recovery, it can be useful to at least box everything up that reminds you of him and put it out of sight. Some things can be thrown away. Getting rid of the box of condoms or the personal lubricant you bought together is a good place to start. Replace them with a new box so you won’t be reminded of your ex when you’re ready to bring someone new home.

Moving on after you and your man break upDon’t be afraid to wallow for a while

Your friends may be trying to get you to rally and move on, but there’s no need to rush things. Your heart needs time to heal after you end things with your ex and that’s perfectly okay. Mourn the loss of the relationship. It doesn’t matter if the guy was no good for you or if he was Prince Charming – severing ties with someone you were close with can be a heartbreaking experience. The key to embracing your sadness is knowing when enough is enough. Some people may try to tell you that you only get a certain amount of time depending how long your love lasted, but you should take as long as you need – within reason. It’s important to remember things will get better with time and to allow it to happen naturally.

Focus on yourself

As time passes, your heart will start to ache less for your ex, and you can help this process along by focusing your energy on other things. You can focus on projects that help you get a fresh start, like repainting your bedroom, dying your hair or joining a Zumba class at your gym. You can plan ladies’ nights and trash talk guys if you want, but don’t feel obligated to take part in post-break up cliches. Now that you’re single, you can indulge in all the TV shows your ex may have grimaced at, listen to Lady Gaga with the volume way up and eat wings in your sweatpants if you want.

Get out and make new friends

Even if you have no desire to start dating again, going out can be a great way to help you move on after a break-up. Go to a concert or just have a drink with friends at your favorite bar. Simply getting out of your house and returning to normal can be enough to remind you breaking up is not the end of the world. You may find yourself forgetting all about what’s-his-name and having a really good time. If you do meet someone, you’re the only person who knows if you’re ready to pursue something romantic, whether you’re ready to get back to dating or you just want a fling. Either way, you’ll be glad you stocked up on condoms.

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