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Your sex life has all the right stuff. But have you ever been curious about what other people are doing to keep things fun and exciting? Get the details on everything from sexting to how often people are getting it on—and everything in between.

Married People Can Have Sex More Than Anyone Else

Talking about sex with a partner isn’t always the easiest thing to do, especially if it’s a topic that doesn’t traditionally get a lot of attention. Couples can often fall in a rut if they aren’t communicating, which can lead to a less-than-thrilling experience in the bedroom.

It’s all about keeping those flames hot. Research shows that married couples have the most sex of anyone, but people do it less and less the longer they’re together, according to Psychology Today.

When it comes down to it, the best way to stay satisfied is showing a partner what you want the most. It can be difficult to communicate Married people can have sex more than anyone elseyour desires during the heat of the moment, so the publication suggests using moans to your advantage. If your lover is hitting the right spot, show your appreciation by getting a little more vocal. Dirty talking can be an even more direct route, because you have the freedom to act sexy while specifying your desires – in essence, making bedroom instructions as hot as possible.

Husbands should also keep in mind that many women see romance as a form of foreplay. Many ladies say that if they were given gushy letters by their hubbies every now and again, or if he just took on some of the housework, they’d feel more in the mood to get busy. Most couples say that equally dividing up all those pesky errands around the house is more important to marital bliss than children.

If one partner is still having trouble getting the sexy sentiment across, why not go all out and buy some flavored condoms or warming lubricant? That could make the experience unforgettable and new, and will surely communicate your desire in a fashion that will be impossible to misinterpret.

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