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Lack of Sleep Can Be Bad for Your Sex Life

For many Americans, sleep is more important than having sex. At least, that is what the findings of a survey by the Better Sleep Council (BSC) indicate. The reason 61 percent of respondents would rather snooze than get intimate is simple – they are not getting enough sleep. At least once a week, nearly half of the participants reported dozing off in places other than their beds.

“We were stunned by some of the survey responses,” said Karin Mahoney, BSC’s director of communications. “One man fell asleep on a rooftop. Another man fell asleep while interviewing a job candidate. There was a teacher who fell asleep at the podium in front of her class. Clearly, people are sleeping just about everywhere except where they should beLack of sleep can be bad for your sex life – in their own beds.”

When people don’t get enough sleep at night, they are often lethargic, groggy and irritable.  All of these things can be a recipe for disaster when it comes to having sex. If you are too tired to get down, you can wind up being even crankier. Sex releases endorphins and has proven to offer other health benefits. Insufficient sleep can also lead to health problems such as depression, heart disease and other illnesses.

If having sex before bed is cutting into your sleep time, you might want to discuss the issue with your boyfriend or girlfriend. It may seem odd to make plans to get down with your lover, but this is often necessary for couples, especially when lack of sleep is affecting their waking lives. Setting a “sex date” can also give you the incentive to make it through work without nodding off during important meetings.

You can also try setting an earlier bedtime so you can get it on and still get a full night’s sleep. If you find you’re energized after sex and it keeps you awake, you can always get down in the morning. Waking up this way is much better than hitting the snooze button on the alarm, and it gives you a great reason to open your eyes. If you want to go this route, it’s still important to pay attention to sexual health and use a condom. Leave one on the nightstand before you go to sleep so you don’t forget.

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