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Lack of Confidence May Mean a Higher Chance of Straying

A Canadian study published in The Archives of Sexual Behavior  concluded that men who are more anxious about their sexual performance are more likely to cheat on their partners.

“Few studies on infidelity have gone beyond exploring demographics,” said Robin Milhausen, a sexuality researcher at the University of Guelph. “This research shows that demographic variables may not influence decision-making as much as previously thought – that personality matters more, especially for men.”

Lack of confidence may mean a higher chance of strayingIt seemed that men who are more likely to be risk-takers and are easily sexually aroused are the ones who are most likely to stray, but Milhausen explained that sexually anxious males are more likely to cheat, because they have an easy way to get out of the situation if it doesn’t go well and they may thrive on the danger and excitement.

Women are more likely to cheat if they are unhappy with a relationship. In fact, female participants who reported dissatisfaction with a partner were twice as likely to commit an act of infidelity.

“All kinds of things predict infidelity,” Milhausen explained. “What this study says is that when you put all of those things together, for men, personality characteristics are so strong, they bounce everything else out of the model. For women, in the face of all other variables, it’s still the relationship that is the most important predictor.”

Men were only slightly more likely to cheat, with 23 percent of male study subjects doing so, compared to 19 percent of female subjects.

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