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Is Make-Up Sex a Good Idea?

After an argument with your partner, jumping into bed may be the last thing on your mind. However, some may find that so-called “make-up sex” can be very helpful in mending relations, and may even improve the bond you share with your lover when you’re not fighting.

Is make-up sex a good ideaIf an argument has come to a standstill and neither party wants to budge, then it may be difficult to make your way into the sack for a roll in the hay. Make-up sex is better when a fight has reached a natural conclusion, and both parties have built up energy in the long discussion. Sex is not only a good way to use this energy, but the loving nature of an intimate session between the sheets can remind you why you are with your significant other. It’s called “making love” for a reason.

If you like your sex to be a little more wild, then channeling some of the anger you had during your argument into making sex more passionate can help you diffuse your temper. Think of sex like a filter, if you pour in your frustrated emotions, they will likely transmute into loving tenderness by the time you both reach the finish line.

Of course, you’ll still need to have a clear enough mind to take the normal precautions before heading to the bedroom. Using a condom when you get down to business is essential, as failure to do so could lead to more arguments down the road. And guys – if you were in the wrong during the argument, then it might be wise to use protection that will make you both feel great, such as the LifeStyles® SKYN condom.

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