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Helpful Ideas for Meeting Guys on Campus

Fall semester is in full swing, and you’ve probably noticed plenty of cute guys around campus, in your classes and running up and down the halls of your dorm. While it’s easy to swoon over these collegiate cuties from afar, actually working up the nerve to talk to them can be a different story. The direct approach tends to work best when initiating flirting with boys, but if you get queasy at the thought of striking up a conversation with a stranger, here are a few tips to help you meet guys at school.

get active

Get active

The best way to meet like-minded men on campus can often be to sign up for club or activity that you already have an interest in. This way you’ll be thrown into a situation where you’re doing something you love, such as acting, and the boys there share that passion. A word of caution – don’t sign up for co-ed football if you hate sports just because there’s a cute guy you want to talk to. There are other ways to meet him without getting knocked into the mud and covered in bruises. Even if you don’t meet the man of your dreams, you’re likely to make at least a few good friends and have fun.

Get out of your dorm room

If getting involved in campus activities didn’t do the trick, don’t fret. You now know some new people, which can make it easier to find yourself in a situation to meet new men. Even if you’re a bit shy, don’t turn down invitations to go out and socialize. Whether there’s a party
at a frat house or your friend is having an art show in the student center, throw on your favorite outfit and check it out. This is a great chance to get used to meeting new people, and you may even wind up finding yourself in the throes of conversation with that hottie who lives down the hall.

Seize opportunities when they present themselves

When you are taking a course with a cute boy, you have a chance to chat him up every time the class meets. Unless you have assigned seats, Helpful ideas for meeting guys on campusyou can aim to snag an empty chair next to your crush. If you’re lucky enough to have a project that involves partnering up, you can suggest he and you team up. You can also try organizing a group study session for the midterm and be sure to invite your guy. When you don’t share a class with your crush, but you pass him from time to time around campus, throw a compliment his way and keep going. Don’t wait for a response, and he’ll be unable to get the cute girl who liked his jacket out of his head.

Prepare for success

Once you win over the guy and the two of you are ready to get to know one another on a carnal level, you should be prepared. It’s nice to think that every cutie at school practices safe sex and will have a supply of condoms next to his bed. But, even guys with the best of intentions can be forgetful, so it helps to take matters into your own hands. Stash a few pleasure condoms by your bed, and if you’re not sure whether your night will end at his dorm or yours, tuck one into your purse too. This way, the action doesn’t have to stop when he realizes he forgot to stop by the health center to grab some before the big night.

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