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Having a Healthy Sex Life While Being a Good Parent

A lot of parents have been there before. Things are about to get hot and heavy in the bedroom. You and your significant other have been texting each other all day, and after a long day at work, some naughty fun in the evening seems to be the only way to relieve the stress. But then, the baby starts crying.

Children almost always create a new dynamic between partners, but that doesn’t mean that the spark can’t glow as much as it did before. Having a healthy sex life while being a good parentInstead, having a healthy sex life while being parents may be as simple as making a few adjustments to your lifestyle.

“Allowing the innocence of children to coexist in the home at the same time as passionate sexual encounters between parents is a difficult emotional balancing act,” writes Andrew Aaron in his relationship column for “For some, this discomfort would be eased if the two did not mingle. It is oddly paradoxical, since it was sex that conceived the children in the first place.”

Not only that, many new mothers will be so focused on nurturing the child that sex falls by the wayside. It’s only natural, but Aaron suggests that this could leave many dads feeling isolated and neglected. Standards for privacy change when kids are young and sometimes those changes remain permanent.

The first step, according to Aaron, is to find a good lock for the door. If your lovemaking tends to be noisy, play music over the sounds. Eventually, you may want to talk to children about your private time and potentially segue into teen sex education.

Sex with a long-time partner can also be spiced up with a Lifestyles™ vibrating ring or warming lubricant. By introducing these things into the bedroom, you’re likely to have a lot more fun between the sheets for years to come.

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