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For Women, Sex Is Like a Fine Wine

Wine isn’t the only thing that gets better with age. A study from the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine and the Veterans Affairs San Diego Healthcare System found that for women, sexual satisfaction also increases as one gets older.

The study, which was published in the American Journal of Medicine, did concede that older women were less likely to participate in sexual activities. However, the study participants, who had a median age of 67, reported more frequent sexual arousal and orgasms. In a surprising twist, the youngest and oldest women who took part in the study reported the most frequent orgasm satisfaction.For women, sex is like a fine wine

“In this study, sexual activity was not always necessary for sexual satisfaction,” said first author of the study Dr. Susan Trompeter. “Those who were not sexually active may have achieved sexual satisfaction through touching, caressing or other intimacies developed over the course of a long relationship.”

One way many women choose to achieve orgasm, either with a partner or by themselves, is through the use of vibrating devices such as the LifeStyles a:muse Personal Pleasure Massager. Many couples use such accessories together, according to two 2009 studies from Indiana  University.

However, a significant number of women in the study had reported sexual activity with a partner within the four weeks leading up to it.

Unfortunately, many older adults may not be aware of essential sexual health information. Despite the fact that seniors are unlikely to become pregnant, protection such as condoms is still necessary in order to prevent the transmission of STDs. Earlier this year, the Orlando Sentinel performed an analysis of figures from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, finding that STD rates are up among seniors nationwide.


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