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Five Signs You Should Dump Your Man

No one likes ending a relationship, and pulling the plug can be just as difficult as hearing the words “We need to talk.” But sometimes relationships take nasty turns, and it becomes important to end things once and for all. Here are five clear signs that it’s time to break up with the man you’ve been dating.

  1. He mistreats you

If you want a long-lasting relationship, then you need to make your partner your best friend. While some gentle teasing here and there is just fine, nasty comments, rudeness, disrespect or general meanness are not part of any healthy relationship, especially a romantic one. If you find your guy insulting you, embarrassing you in front of your friends or ignoring your requests, then it’s time to send him off.

Break Up Tip: Don’t go easy on him. If he can dish it, he should be able to take it when you tell him exactly why you’re leaving him – ’cause he’s a jerk!Five signs you should dump your man

  1. He ignores you

Negative attention from your boyfriend is bad, but no attention from him can be equally difficult. If you have to ask him to spend time with you, then something is not right. After all, isn’t the best part of having a significant other feeling loved and loving in return? If you find him sitting on the couch, watching TV all day and you can’t remember the last time you went on a date, then cut him out of your life.

Break Up Tip: Give him a taste of his own medicine. After you end things, he may realize his mistake and start calling you incessantly. Don’t give in – show him how it feels to be ignored.

  1. He wants to control you

Controlling behavior can be very dangerous, especially when it comes from someone you love. Partnerships should be egalitarian, meaning your wants and needs should be just as important as his. If he doesn’t respect your choices, whether that means wearing condoms every time you have sex or allowing you to have a night out with the girls, then you’re better off without him.

Break Up Tip: Keep your distance. Guys who are controlling may be prone to bad tempers, and your safety is of the utmost importance.

  1. The sex has gone sour

Like it or not, sex is often a clear indicator of how good a relationship is. If you are having sex often and trying out new pleasure condoms on the regular, then good for you. If you find yourself dreading bedroom time, or if your sex life is DOA, then it’s time to have a talk.unhappy couple

Break Up Tip: Consider a second chance. Maybe a discussion about your sex life is all he needs to get in gear and heat things back up.

  1. You’re no longer in love

This can be the most difficult reason to break up with someone, because most likely it will bring about tears. Love works in mysterious ways, and often times it disappears without warning, or fades away over a period of months or years. While it may be painful, being with someone you don’t love can be bad for self-esteem and a waste of time.

Break Up Tip: Be gentle. No man wants to hear that his partner doesn’t love him anymore. Remember, just because the romance isn’t there doesn’t mean you’ve stopped caring entirely.

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