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Ahhh, dating. The land of the free and home of the brave. Whether you’re thinking of taking the proverbial next step or just trying to figure out who and what you like, you’ll find advice for singles, couples, and everyone in between.

Feeling Happy? You May Want to Thank Your Lover

A poll found that most often those who are in committed relationships say their partner is the reason for their happiness. Additionally, the survey found married adults point to their sex lives as a source of happiness more often than those who remain single. This mental and sexual health information could prove valuable to those considering entering a committed relationship.

Ipsos, a global marketing research company, and Reuters conducted the poll. The results encompass a broad segment of the population – researchers surveyed 21,248 people from 23 different countries. Of thosefeeling happy you may want to thank your lover polled, 59 percent were in a “solid attachment,” defined as a marriage or domestic partnership.

Around two thirds of those in a committed partnership said their partner or spouse gives them their greatest happiness. Furthermore, nearly half of the single survey respondents said finding a significant other would improve their outlook.

“What strikes us when we look at the data is that you have this majority of global citizens who are really looking at home for happiness,” said Keren Gottfried, research manager at Ipsos Global Public Affairs.

The survey also revealed some interesting statistics about specific countries. For instance, it seems that lovers in South Africa experience the highest levels of partner-based happiness, as 82 percent of coupled individuals in the country said their partner brought them the most joy. Meanwhile, Brazilians in relationships seemed to be the most likely to be satisfied with their monogamous sex lives.

Around 38 percent of couples who took part in the poll said the best thing about their relationships was the sex. This may put an end to the idea that married couples aren’t getting busy. It seems even those who are in long-term relationships enjoy using personal lubricant and making love.

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