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Faking It May Mean a Fear of Intimacy

We’ve all heard the tales of women faking an orgasm once things are getting hot and heavy in the bedroom, but there’s really no consensus as to why some gals tend to do this more than others. While the onus often falls on the partner for failing to get a woman sexually aroused, it may be something else entirely.

A study of sexual health conducted by Erin Cooper of Temple University surveyed 366 females aged 18 to 32 and found that one of the driving factors for faking orgasms – to which 60 percent admitted – was a fear of intimacy. Other reasons included a desire just to get the sex over with, or to actually increase personal pleasure.

“Women who have a hard time getting close to other people on an emotional level it seems now are also having a hard time getting close to other people on a sexual level,” Cooper told LiveScience. “They are having Faking it may mean a fear of intimacya hard time across the board, and may be very much in need of intervention to help them out in another domain. This could either be the cause or the symptom; we don’t know enough about it yet.”

One way to better help women who are having difficulty achieving that O may be to increase the romance and understanding. Creating a healthy relationship means having open communication and trust, so no one feels the need to fake it.

This could also be an indicator that women are afraid to express themselves. Researcher Adena Galinsky, who worked on a study that looked at how self-esteem was linked to sexual satisfaction, speculates that sexual expression can be more difficult for women, because they face more obstacles. The trick is to find ways to get past these mental blocks. For example, if one is worried about STD prevention or the risk of pregnancy during sex, it could be a good idea to look into how to buy condoms online – contraceptives can help alleviate these anxieties.

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