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Expert Weighs in on Whether Size Matters

It’s an age-old question: How much does the size of your member matter? Ian Kerner, a sexuality counselor and columnist for CNN, wrote an article discussing this topic, and his conclusions may surprise some.

“Gentlemen, unless you are in possession of a micropenis – a rare condition in which a man’s erect penis is shorter than 2 inches in length – size does not and should not matter,” Kerner writes in the column.

He argued that because the average vagina is only three or four inches deep, which is less than the average length of a man’s penis, the size of your run-of-the-mill tool should be sufficient. However, while this math may prove logical, society seems to disagree on many fronts.

Kerner attributes much of the insecurity around small penises to the advent of internet porn. Men (and women) who watch a lot of pornography on the web likely have a skewed perception of what is “normal,” asExperts weigh in on whether size matters the vast majority of male adult film stars are well-endowed, to say the least.

And while length is certainly something on the mind of many men, it seems that the girth of one’s wang may be more important. Kerner cites a study conducted by Women’s Health that found most women believe the girth of a man’s meat is more important than the inches he carries in length.

“A very long, skinny penis is not as pleasurable as a shorter, fatter one for most women,” Patti Britton, a clinical sexologist in Los Angeles, told EveryDayHealth. “It’s really the thickness of a male’s penis that is the element [that] allows her to feel what we in sexology called containment – the feeling of fullness that’s produced with an object or a penis inside the vaginal wall.”

Men who are concerned about their penis size have other options to please their ladies. In addition to oral sex, stimulating toys such as the LifeStyles® Vibrating Ring are likely to leave a lady smiling, even if you fall slightly under the average length or girth.

Knowing the size of your penis is important when seeking condom advice. Those who are unsure how to use a condom should discuss the matter with a medical professional or sexual health expert.

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