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Debunking Sexual Health Myths

When it comes to safe sex, there are many myths floating around. For those who are seeking some clarity, it’s important to understand what is fact and what is myth. A report by MSNBC set out to debunk some of the common misconceptions about sexual health.Debunking sexual health myths

The news source reported that the notions that it’s impossible to get pregnant your first time having sex or that one can’t conceive during their period are both myths. It’s important
to always wear a condom when having sex, because contraceptives are one of the most effective form of pregnancy prevention.

Another myth debunked by the news source related to sexually transmitted infections (STI). According to MSNBC, the idea that one can catch an STI from a toilet seat is not true. However, unprotected sex does raise one’s risk of catching an infection.

The news source also clarified the suggested age at which women should receive a pap smear. Females who have been sexually active for three years should visit their gynecologist for the test, otherwise, it’s safe to wait until the age of 21.

When seeking information on sex, it’s best to seek out the advice of a doctor or sexual health expert.

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