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Causes and cures for low sex drives

A low sex drive can be a significant blow to what is otherwise a loving relationship. While both men and women can suffer from this issue, men may have a harder time dealing with it because it is perceived by many to be a feminine issue. For men who have lost that loving feeling, finding a way to alleviate the issue is essential. Fortunately, there are some actions one can take to solve this problem, according to New Vision.

The first step is to identify the cause. According to the news source, both Causes and cures for low sex drivesphysical and psychological problems can play a part. If a man has had a previous negative sexual experience, knocking boots with a loved one could be impacted. A lack of privacy in the room or home where sex is occurring can also be a factor. Other psychological issues that play a part in low sex drives include stress, anxiety and unresolved issues within the relationship.

On the physical side of things, drugs, alcohol and medication call all contribute to a lowered libido. Using drugs and alcohol in excess can cause difficulties achieving enough blood flow to create an erection, which can also contribute to a low sex drive. Obesity and physical injury are other factors to keep in mind, according to the news source.

Visiting your doctor and asking for sexual health information about the problem of a low libido is one way to resolve the issue, according to WebMD. Additionally, if controllable factors, such as drug and alcohol use, are playing a part, the affected partner must work to curb these behaviors.

Couples should address any problems outside of sex that they are having, as ongoing relationship issues may be the root of the cause of this troubling problem.

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