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Baby on Board? Sex Can Still Happen

From diapers to bottles to long nights spent awake with a crying baby, all too often new moms and dads have little time to spend alone together – which means fewer opportunities for getting frisky. However, with some careful planning you can find ways to have some naughty fun, and maybe even enhance your sex life.

After giving birth, women will often feel exhausted, and their body will need some time to recover before they can get intimate with their husband again. Women (and new daddies too) should take plenty of time to relax and take a break. Just because you haven’t jumped right back into your old sex routines doesn’t mean that you are doing anything wrong.Baby on board Sex can still happen

Once the infant has grown a little and you’re ready to leave him or her with a babysitter, you may want to plan sex into your dates. For instance, if you’re heading out for a dinner with your lover, consider paying a visit to an hourly hotel afterward.

If you are unable to plan a night away, then try to work out something at home. Though infants may require constant care, once the little one gets older he or she will be heading off for playdates or to pre-school. Make use of these hours without your pride and joy, even if it means you have to head to the house on your lunch break to meet up with your partner.

Of course, you probably will want to wait a little before you bring another little bundle of joy into the world, which is why it’s important for new parents to practice safe sex. Using a condom will make sure that you can focus on the act of lovemaking, and not any unintended consequences.

If you are feeling that all of the care the baby needs is making your sex life a little ho-hum, then it may be time to spice things up. There are a number of ways to do this, including purchasing warming lubricant or a vibrating adult toy such as the LifeStyles® a:muse™ Personal Pleasure Massager. This will not only help you relax and take a load off (so to speak), but will also keep things new and exciting during those precious moments alone.

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