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Arguments solved through make-up sex

Relationship coach Denise J. Charles recently shared the story of how she solves arguments with her husband in, explaining that one of the best ways they let go of the topic was by getting down and dirty in the bedroom.

She points to make-up sex as a method of sexual healing.

“[After an argument,] we become angry and want to hold on to that anger or resentment, we naturally want to withhold sex,” she writes. “We fear that the intimacy of sex may weaken our defenses… and restore that silly smile on our faces when what we really want is to maintain a fierce scowl. Sex does have that power to expose our vulnerabilities and change our mood; and couples need, therefore, to learn how to maximize on this.”

Although Charles advocates make-up sex as a sweet and intimate way to resolve an argument, she notes that it should never be done if one partner doesn’t feel like engaging in it. Both parties should still be willing.

She suggests that trying to encourage a husband to engage in make-up sex can be an effective way for wives to practice their seduction skills. Likewise, inhibitions are already lower so the encounter may be more straightforward and honest than otherwise. Additionally, couples may feel inspired to spice things up with accessories like a LifeStyles™ vibrating ring or warming lubricant.

The great power of make-up sex shouldn’t come as a surprise. The release of endorphins triggered by knocking boots can serve to relieve stress and anxiety, and boost levels of happiness.

“Sex eases anger. When we connect physically, we cut our partners slack. But when there’s no sexual connection, you get angrier quicker,” Dr. Laura Berman told MSNBC.

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