Sex Facts

Your sex life has all the right stuff. But have you ever been curious about what other people are doing to keep things fun and exciting? Get the details on everything from sexting to how often people are getting it on—and everything in between.

Answers to Sex Questions You’re Too Shy to Ask

Let’s face it – sex can be confusing. Fortunately, sexperts at Peace FM Online answered some questions about sex that may be too taboo to bring up with your partner.

Certified sex therapist Michele Sugg told the news source that women who have sexual dreams about other women aren’t necessarily Answers to sex questions you're too shy to askbisexual or homosexual. “Even if it means you feel sexually attracted to another woman, you don’t need to pigeonhole yourself,” she explained. “Maybe you’ll be attracted to women at times. There’s a scale rather than being gay, straight or bi.”

In response to a separate question, another sex expert, Stephanie Buehler of the Buehler Institute for Sex Therapy, said that it’s not uncommon for women to be unable to reach orgasm during sex. She reminds women and their partners that clitoral stimulation may be necessary to achieve climax.

Another question concerning the human papiloma virus (HPV) reveals that around 80 percent of sexually active people have been exposed to a strain of the disease. Fortunately, the infection clears up on its own in 90 percent of cases, according to the news source.

Those who are concerned about sexually transmitted infections should be sure to use condoms when engaging in intercourse. Contraceptives are also one of the best forms of pregnancy prevention.




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