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Advice for Men: Don’t Assume She’s as Turned on as You Are

A article by Fox News suggests that a common issue among sex partners stems from a false assumption. Some men who are raring to go in the bedroom may presume that their partner is just as eager to get it on, while this may not be the case at all.

Advice for men Don't assume she's as turned on as you areThis assumption could be based on the amount of natural lubricant a woman produces prior to sex. However, the news source reports that just because a woman appears to be excited down below, she may not be ready emotionally or mentally to have things speed up. The reverse may also be true – a woman may be very turned on but not well lubricated with her natural fluids.

The latter issue may be more prevalent for couples who have been together for a longer period of time. “It’s like her brain is saying, ‘Yeah, I like this, but I already know what’s coming,'” sexual health expert Madeleine Castellanos told the news source. “It’s not uncommon for women to need some stimulation for five, 10, even 15 minutes before they can experience this lubrication. That doesn’t mean that a woman isn’t physically or emotionally excited.”

Fortunately, there are ways for men to tell whether or not their partner is excited aside from her level of lubrication. Sex expert Jolan Chang told the news source that during foreplay, if a woman’s pace of breathing has increased, her body temperature and heart rate have gone up, or her muscles are tense, it’s likely she’s very turned on.

If lubrication is a problem, it may be wise for couples to invest in an artificial lube, such as the LifeStyles® Luxe™ Premium Personal Lubricant. This can also be useful for play in places where self-lubricant could be washed away, such as in the shower or bath.

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