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Adding Some Sensuality to a Romantic Valentine’s Date

Valentine’s Day is all about romance, with flowers and chocolates, heartfelt sentiments and grand gestures, but the sentimental stuff isn’t the only important part of this lovers’ holiday. There is also an element of lust that you should not forget about when making plans for the big day. Instead of waiting until the end of the night to bring your love to the bedroom, why not find ways to infuse lust and love throughout the night for a really memorable date? Here are a few ideas to turn up the heat on your Valentine’s plans.

Build anticipation for the big night

Since Valentine’s Day is on a Thursday this year, many people have to work before their romantic evenings. A great way for you and your lover to get each other psyched up for your date can be to send each other man texting
texts throughout the day. Don’t just say things like “I can’t wait to see you,” but be a little adventurous. A text letting your boyfriend or girlfriend know that you can’t wait to feel their hands on your body can be a bit more racy, getting both of your hearts pumping. If you are home while your lover is at work, sending him or her a photo of you holding the pleasure condoms you picked up might be a light-hearted way to make your intentions for the evening very clear. Just make sure you’re texting to the right person!

Flip the plans around and mix things up

Instead of going out to dinner first and saving the intimate moments for later, you can break the mold by starting your night in the bedroom. Tell your lover to meet you at your place, and get it ready for his or her arrival. Be cheesy if you want, light some candles and sprinkle rose petals around the bed. If your lover had to work all day, offer a sensual massage, using LifeStyles Smooth® 2-in-1 Personal Lubricant. The strawberry flavor of this personal lubricant makes it easy to take the experience from relaxing to erotic, building up to the more intimate activities of the night. You can take a romantic bath or shower together to clean up for your date and get into the mood to make googly eyes at each other over strawberries and champagne. When you get back, take things up a notch with the LifeStyles® a:muse™ His & Hers Pleasure Massagers, which each last about 30 minutes.

Skip the formalities and celebrate in bed

Whether you’ve done the traditional Valentine’s Day too many times or you don’t feel like sharing your special day with anyone but your lover, you might want to think about staying in this year. You can spend your whole night wrapped in each other’s arms, whispering sweet nothings and naughty somethings. Instead of shelling out your money on a meal, you can cook something special at home or even just order a Adding some sensuality to a romantic Valentine's datepizza. Cuddling up and watching your favorite movie together can be a great way to celebrate the romantic holiday. Plus, you won’t have to worry about waiting to get home to jump into bed and show each other how you feel.

Upping the sensual factor on a date

If you do stick with the plan to go out and grab a bite to eat or see a show, this doesn’t mean you need to hold off on the sexy stuff. Try whispering naughty secrets to one another over dessert about what is still to come. Ladies can wear some sexy lingerie under their clothes, either letting a lacy strap peek out or telling their man what they’ve got on. This is a surefire way to make both lovers wish they were already home in bed together.

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