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Ahhh, dating. The land of the free and home of the brave. Whether you’re thinking of taking the proverbial next step or just trying to figure out who and what you like, you’ll find advice for singles, couples, and everyone in between.

A Woman’s Guide to the World of Infidelity

In an ideal world, your boyfriend would never, ever even think about cheating on you, and you would not be tempted to see someone else behind his back either. However, not every relationship is perfect, and sometimes a person may cheat on his or her significant other. Whether cheating was a calculated decision or a one-time thing, it’s important to handle the situation appropriately.

What should you do if you cheat?

Whether or not to tell your boyfriend if you’ve cheated is a decision no one can make but you. If you know that a hook-up was an absolute mistake, you may think it is best to keep this secret to yourself. On the other hand, when you’re seeing someone on the side regularly, you might want to take the time to evaluate your main relationship and own up to your infidelity. In either case, it is extremely important to practice safe sex with both your boyfriend and your guy-on-the-side. You should also get tested to ensure you’ve got a clean bill of health after your affair. On the off chance you contract a sexually transmitted illness, it is imperative that you own up to your mistake to protect your leading man’s sexual health. Even if you feel he deserved to be cheated on, giving him an STD is never an acceptable form of revenge for whatever he may have done to hurt you.

What should you do if he cheats?

If you suspect your man may be seeing another woman behind your back, you probably should not go on the offensive and accuse him of cheating without some hard evidence. He may be acting differently for anyA woman's guide to the world of infidelity number of reasons. However, if you find another woman’s underwear in his briefcase, then maybe it’s time to start asking questions. Accusing your boyfriend of cheating on you is very serious, and if you’re wrong this could create more serious problems in your relationship. You can try the indirect approach, asking him if anything is wrong. He may be under a lot of pressure at work or dealing with a family crisis he hasn’t told you about.

If he suddenly becomes secretive, answers calls in private, puts a security lock on his phone or displays other drastic changes in his behavior, there’s no doubt you should be concerned. Just remember to take everything with a grain of salt, as you may be blowing things out of proportion. Everyone deserves a little bit of privacy, even if you and your man usually share everything.

When you’re not sure if your man is fooling around with other women, you should take action to protect your sexual health. If the two of you have been using other forms of contraception instead of condoms, it may be time to switch back, just in case. Reintroducing condoms to the bedroom doesn’t have to be an obvious accusation that you think your lover may be cheating. Instead, you can buy pleasure condoms that are made to enhance sex. For instance, LifeStyles Everlast Intense Condoms are covered with more than 400 raised rubber studs that dial up the sensation and friction for you. You can pair this with a lubricant like LifeStyles Warm Lovin’ Personal Lubricant for even more intensity.

Using protection with your boyfriend will protect both of you from the transmission of STDs, no matter who is cheating on whom. However, honesty is the most important thing. If you’re cheating, own up to it, and if you really truly believe your man is having an affair, talk to him about it.

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