Sex Tips

Let’s face it - we’re all on a quest to have better sex. But a lot of us don’t really know how to get there. Discover everything you need when it comes to finding that elusive spot, getting better at foreplay, and mixing it up with role-playing.

A Guy’s Guide to Preparing for Sex

When heading out on a date, whether it’s your first with a certain lady or the 100th with your longtime girlfriend, you have to take some time to prepare. This goes beyond combing your hair and coming up with talking points, though those are good ideas as well. If you are hoping that the date ends in a little bit of fun between the sheets, then you’ll need to take certain steps to prep for sex. Here’s a mini checklist to go over before you head out the door.

Don’t be nasty

There are few things that will turn off a lady friend more than poor hygiene. When heading out to meet up with your gal, splashing some water on your armpits and mashing down A guys guide to preparing for sexyour cowlick with your hand won’t cut it. Take a full-fledged shower – with soap, guys – and do any manscaping you think is necessary. Give yourself plenty of time so that you don’t stand up your date if you find that your hair down there needs some care. And remember, most sex starts with kissing, so toothpaste, floss and mouthwash should be part of your routine.

Put some thought into it

Once you’re all fresh and clean, you should take some time to make sure you look extra special. You might only be focused on what your girl is wearing underneath her dress, but you can bet that she’ll take note of what outfit you chose for the big night. So your ragged jeans and stained t-shirt definitely aren’t going to cut it. “Iron” may seem like a curse word to you, but showing up with wrinkled, unclean clothes will say to a girl, “You’re not worth a nice outfit.” If you don’t have the best fashion sense, ask a roommate for advice or snap a pic of yourself and see what a trendy friend has to say.

Review your notes

If you have only been going out with this girl for a few dates, then you should take some time while getting ready to run over the conversations you’ve had so far. Try to rememberdating
what she’s told you about her life, since it can be insulting if you don’t remember how many siblings she had or what part of town she lives in. On the plus side, if you manage to remember an obscure fact, she’ll definitely know you’re interested in who she is.

Gather your tools

Of course, there are certain things you’ll need to make sure you have if and when things get hot and heavy. Pleasure condoms are a must. If you plan on bringing her back to your place, then all you need to do is make sure you are well stocked and have a few near the bed, next to your personal lubricant. But if you don’t know where you’ll end up when the
date’s over, then bring some with you. Just remember to put them in a safe container, since your wallet or pocket could cause some friction that will make the condom ineffective.

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