Ancient sex positions still get people where they want to go, survey says

Need some advice on a good sex position? Ask a friend, read a sex advice column or – no joke – turn to the classics. It turns out ancient poets and playwrights have some of the dirtiest minds imaginable. We could all learn a thing or two from them.

Take Ovid. The same guy who wrote the ever-so-dry poem The Metamorphoses, also wrote the ever-so-moist Art of Love. According to the UK Telegraph, he did not hold back. The ancient Roman threw nearly every position he could dream up into that book, most of them so raunchy that they made a whole generation of Victorian translators almost blush themselves to death.

Now, sex positions are a hot topic again, and sex surveys show that more than one jockeys for the title of Most Popular.

A survey taken by Lifestyles Condoms found that the missionary position still puts more smiles on more faces than any other. More than one third of women and one in five guys voted for this one, making it the most widespread.

The second favorite was rear entry, which garnered 30 percent of the female vote and 26 percent of the male, and the bronze medal went to the face-to-face position, with her on top. All these positions appear in the Art of Love, minus the condom. Today, wearing one is a must.

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